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Review and Essay Project
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Brand Development

Helen has a strong belief in mentoring and coaching to motivate alterations in perspectives and conducts, and she presents essential ideas in her presentation. She is an inspirational role model who is living what she preaches which makes it so much more powerful. Helen has succeeded in creating a secure, warm, and challenging setting in the workshop, given that she is enthusiastic and passionate regarding talented leaders, precisely women for them to reach their full potential. in the lecture she debates about the quintessence of considering one`s own brand. This enables one to traduce a brand framework model that will help one map his or her authentic leadership style. She also mansions that one has to understand the impact he or she has on those around them and consider if that is what one wants and if that is in congruence with their brand image. Helen is categorical about the receiving and giving of feedbacks which she asserts helps to comprehend the effect one has and that which others have on him or her. This is an important step in that Helen holds that it allows one to know how to enroll and involve his or her shareholders to assist them get and become what one wants them to become. Helen is a strong believer and advocate of the power of acknowledgement and celebration since she points out that this promotes success. Increasingly, she embraces IT to illustrate visually her major points and thoughts for the audience to understand well.
Social Media Tools
Ben Martin in his lecture video presents a very intriguing piece of information that is essential in utilizing social media tools to make anyone almost anywhere productive in numerous aspects. Ben asserts that the world human beings occupy presently is undergoing change at a very rapid rate that may not be easily comprehended without deeper analaysis. Ben points out that the development of online data is in a state of explosion. Accordingly, it is permitting the seekers to find the data they desire, whenever they want it without having to ask for permission or seek advice from anyone else first. Ben affirms that social business enablement lead will introduce one to this novel means or approach of interacting or carrying out communications. This is achieved through highlighting of the possible journey, the benefits, and business other key businesses like IBM have experienced. Ben poses a question to the audience by asking how to use the power of Linkedln as a social media toll to brand one`s self and establish his or her eminence, reputation, and drive business to the next level. Ben is also a good adopter of IT and he uses the IT platform to visually illustrate and elaborate his points to the viewer in an interactive manner. In particular he embraces the use of graphics to visual make it easy for people to comprehend his ideas about the social media tools.
Career Development
Skinner`s most part of her interest in the areas that she studies arise from her own personal encounters as a manager and a worker and also from narrations that other people around her share with her. One of the major factors or aspects she talks about regards change and trust, which she affirms that they are essential aspects in any given employment association. Nonetheless, it appears that change management keeps on to be a major problem in establishments and people`s comprehension of the dynamics of trust and how the paly out internally and externally in connection to establishments is inadequate. Based on her affirmation, greater comprehension of all areas involved will result to enhanced organizational practices and increased sustainable and productive employment associations.
Iker`s lecture, he talks about the impact and reliance of technology in diverse areas and processes within a global and major FMCG organization. Iker increasingly centers on the role of technology to enable increased or high performance in businesses that is set to unlock productivities and growing openings in addition to the diverse career openings and IT professional can locate in a large FMCG company. Iker is a strong advocate of technology use in originations to enhance and foster increased productivity. He looks at technology an opportunity unlocking key that every company has to embrace in order to advance in every aspect of commercial functions. In present world of globalization that impacts business across borders and oceans, technology takes the central role in enabling business realize their full potential and capacity to undertake global missions. All in all IT expertise positions an organization on top of competition in relation to product and service differentiation, communication and administration, which together sums up to enabling high performance in businesses across the globe. It is also realized that, the lecture presentation makes great use of IT to visually present the crisp-like ideas regarding technology, and the crisps are part of innovation, making, moving, and sell of goods and services.
Global Team
Peter has been renowned as thoughtful leader whose work regarding how to overcome the challenges of global working and administering virtual teams steered by his own study and invention actions. In the recent years, peter has led a strategic research to assess methods of radically simplifying business and IT functions. In is lecture presentations regarding how to make effective and fun of global teams, Peter presents critical information. Peter points out those information systems teams that span many nations and time z ones are presently common place. Nonetheless, the methodologies they employ like PRINCE, Agile, and waterfall are silent on how to deal with challenges related with virtual teams. Peter asserts that expertise comprising of emails and audio conferencing have been on the rise in relation to closing the gap. However, a number of teams fail to establish trust, in addition to the rich social dynamic needed to provide triumphant resolutions. It appears that Peter attempts to offer a summary of the present day comprehension of the challenges and emerging resolutions prior to assessing some case studies of piloting novel techniques on projects at his current company (Ford Motors). The visual IT graphics enhance the lecture presentation and allows the audience see where the lecturer is pointing in his notes, thus the graphical presentation is mens to make understanding easy.
Testing Trends
At this point, it is important to note that, Mark is a senior test administrator working with Sopra and he boosts of over forty years in the software industry. He has majorly consulted across all stages of the software development cycle from needs and feasibility studies trough to functional administration. It is apparent that testing has been greatly part of that extensive career span and it has been more exclusive in the last decade duration or so. Even though Mark has seen huge step alterations in testing approaches and tools throughout his career, there are still central lessons that keep coming up as time goes by in the business world. Mark regards himself as a passionate tester, devoted to testing excellence on behalf of clients globally. It is important to note that, it his lecture he shares the lessons he has learnt in testing over the last four decades of experience. In addition, the fortune of knowledge seems indispensable in allowing him offer the greatest desired information about testing. Mark also embraces IT graphics to enhance visual experience among his audience and make the lecture session more interactive and lively.
Turning Social Media Tools to One`s Advantage
People experience failure in relation to social media adaptation for their use or for business purposes because they rush into it without a strategy. This can happen when one sets up a twitter account or FaceBook page without understanding why, what he or she is going to do with it or even how to assess whether it is triumphant (Al Rashedi, AlShamsi, Rashed, Sinczak, Hodgson & O'Neil, 2015).. A good technique to start is to comprehend what communal media is, and whatever it is not described as deemed to become. Thus, Social media is the incorporation of technology with social communications and the act of sharing words, images, videos, and even music or audios, and this amount to social conversations that are richer and more convenient. It is also essential to point out that social media conversations are client-driven, since they rare transparent, inclusive, and in most cases very involving and has an element of sincerity. Moreover, they are not regulated, private, official or one-sided in any way, and this is what makes social media marketing even more distinct from conventional advertising approaches. The challenge and the main reason for people or organizations to have a strategy is that there are numerous conversations, and so many channels to make them happen, and no enough time to part of each and every conversation. It is important to note that, just like in all other conversations, the key to social media having the capacity to listen. This process begins by having one listen to themselves or the organization itself in relation to what they have been saying to clients and the prospects in the present marketing channels. Getting answers to such questions will be helpful an organization or an individual in a number of ways. Thus, it will be helpful and allow them to determine the networks that have to be focused on and the people to engage, as well as, the values one should promote and the attitudes people have to change.
A good starting point is in regard to defining one`s audience, and this is a great way to make certain that one hits his or her target. This requires that one or an organization concentrates its interactions on the right individuals to establish personas, which are short descriptions of fictional people that represent the set target. These are not real individuals, but they are models representing real individuals. They are important as they will help in recognizing the potential character personalities, characters, habits, and attitudes of the targeted potential customers. At this point, there is need to create rich personas that are representative of the target audience. This is only possible through listening both online and offline through conducting of face-to-face interviews with relevant and key shareholders (Schomer etal., 2012). This will help in identifying the type of network the audience use and how much time they spend using it conveniently. The interview will also allow an individual or company know whether the target audience initiates conversations or just comment on the already initiated conversations.
The other thing is that, one needs to map out his or her assets to be able to move with speed and without any preliminary impediments. This is important because, although it is free to set-up a Twitter and even a Facebook account, it calls for a lot of time in order to efficiently administer how the created accounts are utilized. This is essential since allows one to establish the number of people and the duration of time one can devote to the created social media plan. It will also point out the technical experience or expertise that is needed, including the tools and the content that is already in place and that which has to be crated regularly (Khan, Kumari & Gupta, 2014). The next important thing regards citation and defining of goals, and the best goals need to be quantifiable so that every individual gets clear on what they want their social media strategy to attain. Identifying the type of ‘metrics’ that one has to follow besides how they are moving on to carry out assessment is very essential. The key and potential goals could encompass sales where social media is used to establish first-time customer base by introducing them to the brand. The other goal could be about marketing where one might simply desire to enhance their association with existing clients and prospects as well.
Increasingly, one to make certain that their social media team is intimately aware of the message that is created to allow all of the social media content reflects it throughout. This is an important aspect as it will help an organization and the staff to say put with a consistent amalgamating theme. In relation to the sales cycle, it is important to point out that segments s of clients and prospects have diverse associations with the established brand. Some may have never heard of the brand or company, while others are great fans who are trying to reach the company through social media. Thus, what the target clients know about a company will dictate what they company can credibly have a conversation on in relation to social media use. One has to choose their channels well since there are numerous channels to choose from when need arises. Thus, it is essential know they type of channels that are the most appropriate for the company`s brand, clients, resources, and set goals (Leisinger, 2015). Thus, one has to query themselves if they need to establish regular blog posts to illustrate the expertise they have or otherwise. One has to appropriately prioritize their channels by starting slowly and then getting comfortable even it means beginning with just a single social media platform. Hence, one has to spend time getting accustomed to posting content, attending to queries, comments, and the overall degree of involvement needed. In accordance, once one is up and running for a while, there is need to start gaining a comprehension of what works, what resonates with clients, and how and when they prefer to involve (Nešić, Gašević, Jazayeri & Landoni, 2011). This is a procedure and alphanumeric broadcasting is advantageous in that it offers the capacity to track and assesse outcomes in almost real time. This allows one to test a number of tactics, offers, headlines, calls to action and even messages by tweaking them basing on fairly immediate outcome.
Social Media Tools Advantages to a Business or Individual
There are numerous social media tools that are useful to an individual or an organization in helping them realize their full potential and utilize it to their advantage. Nonetheless, experts and small enterprises ignore the influence of social media at the cost or failure. It has been realized that social media tools like Linkedln have translated to be essential in establishing a linkage and linking with customers, generate leads, and screen new works ate the same time. As social networks go on, Linkedln established at the beginning of the last decade is the social media site of choice for experts and is the globe`s largest expert linkage with more than 125 million registered associates. Linkedln is the oldest among the three major social media tools (Twitter and Facebook), and it is the only business oriented social linkage. Linkedln comes with tools that allow one or an organization to regulate their expert recognition online. This is because when a company has a Linkedln account or profile, googling the company will show result where the company emerges among the top ten on the list (Rosso, 2014). This simply implies that an organization can then be able to regulate the first impression people get when they search for the company or an individual online, and this is an important aspect of the sales procedure. Linkedln also assists experts to link up with clients, associates, and enterprise prospects, and thus it is one social network that can be consistently be used to improve profile and subsequently generate leads. The most excellent way to do that is by making certain that one or an organization adopts the use of full power that comes with Linkedln to maximize the marketing potential. Through Linkedln one can grow their network, establish their brand, and locate novel prospects on Linkedln. The entire process starts with having a complete profile and the profile is how to get located on Linkedln and the preliminary thing potential clients might read about the company or an individual expert.
The more detailed and updated a profile looks like, the better the chances that an organization or an expert individual will be located and contacted easily. An organization has complete there profile carefully as possible and offer detailed data regarding expertise, experience, and any wards that an organization or individual might have received. Adding a picture to the outline in a specialized method acts as the representative of an organization. This is important as it could be the most important first impression that one can make on prospective clients. Moreover, since the headline appears at the top of the page when one searches a company`s profile, it presents that initial chance to make a good impression on the potential clients. Thus, Linkedln offers a summary section of the profile that one or an organization can highlight their expertise, services, and accomplishments. This helps in grabbing the reader`s attention and getting them thinking by letting an organization’s creativity and passion embolden the entire process and idea. Linkedln also contains a contact settings section where the connections of cellist and potential or prospective clients can know the types of openings that one is open to all the time. The options presented include consulting offers, new opportunities, business deals, expert requirements, and reference needs (van Knippenberg, Dahlander, Haas & George, 2015). Linkedln also offers apps that are excellent means of standing out from the rest and sharing even more details in the profile. Moreover, the blog app permits one to feed their blog directly to their profile for other Linkedln users to see the most recent posts and thus, appeal to many prospective clients and existing ones. Other essential apps comprise of embedded Slideshare illustrations and Twitter feeds, and there are also a number of apps to choose from, which offers a whole range of alternative sot choose from while looking for the appropriate ones.
On the other hand, Facebook comes in as an excellent tool for promotion of an organization and its goods and services. This is founded on the nature of undeviating linkage among business, as well as, client manifests. However, this presents a risk as any wrong move like an offensive post and a misstep can results to a costly outcome to an organization in relation to its reputation and client base. Thus, certain applicable rules have to be adhere to and the first one is that a business post on Facebook ought not to be handled like an individual (personal) page, but it has to have a personal connection anyway. Facebook marketing is important as it opens up a broad range of new openings for an organization and increases its prospects to appeal to new customers. Whether one is selling a product or offering a service, his or her potential clients are almost assured to be on Facebook (Yan, 2011). Hence, through the influence of social networking one can motivate the potential clients to recommend the company to friends, and this helps in broadening the network of influence the company will eventually have on social media. When it is carried out correctly, a Facebook page for a business can have or cause drastic increase in revenues, productivity, and triumph in a short span of time. This essentially implies circumnavigating the sometimes troublesome waters of the social tendencies by averting aux pas posts, and using the tool appropriately. To market on Facebook successfully, an organization needs to expand its network by creating Facebook page and letting it sit even that will not have a good impact. Nonetheless, seeking out new potential clients actively will have a great impact, and this is carried out by asking for likes and support from fans and friends. Fans are the lifeline of an organization, in addition then, one needs to always to seek out methods of enticing additional number of the clients to convert to Facebook contacts, which translates to loyalty. In essence, an organization`s wall offers an excellent place to posts short texts and links and it becomes even better when one uses Facebook’s own system for pictures and video as opposed to posting them on an the organization`s wall. Filling out all extra data tabs is important because the profile needs to be fleshed out with key word-rich as opposed to non-spammy data.
Such is useful for search indexing and for an atmosphere of determination and capability. There is need to reward the fans starting from simple acts like special landing page or as valuable as prize provisions is good and important. Giving the potential and existing clients a reason to like the page and support the site is an invaluable step towards success. This so because many individuals will need an incentive to do anything, which in its absence them they will sit back and do nothing, thus, a company has always give an incentive to the clients for them to act upon. Through Facebook, it is possible for one or an organization to encourage social interaction. This can be initiated through asking of questions and inviting clients to share their views (Zubcsek & Sarvary, 2011). This will allow the company to then offer prizes and this helps and organization to keep its posts related to its brand (product and services). Celebrating after reaching a certain milestone is important and at the same time offering rewards can be helpful in acknowledging fans when they increase to a certain benchmark. This is an effort to make them feel appreciated and they will in turn appreciate the organization, and this may only be triggered by a message of thanking them for their support and loyalty. In recent times, Facebook overhauled its pages and the pages feature data reading an organization. The new look permits an organization to add distinct cover photograph to brand the page. This is effect comprise of things like a banner image that is behind the profile image, and this can be utilized to offer a look and feel to the page that plays to the branding.
Twitter is another social means tool that can be utilized to the advantage of an organization or an individual in relation to business activities. Twitter users have the option of following further operators on the same platform. The following aspect allows a follower to read all that the user being followed posts or tweets and shares publicly. Following user does not offer one the capacity to relay direct messages to that individual, but users have to follow someone to get direct messages that are a form of private messages out of public view. Twitter permits any individual or company to share their views and ideas with many other people (followers) at any given time. Increasingly, a follower can read the messages that other account users linked to him or her posts. Through Twitter, one can establish association with their clients after setting up an official Twitter account for the organization and the clients will begin following it up (Gitomer, 2015). When they do so they will read the tweets or messages that the company posts and this offers a chance for the organization to communicate with its prospective clients. This is the place where an organization starts building and developing associations with the prospective clients. When the company posts tweets that have valuable and intriguing information, the followers will begin to value and appreciate each and every tweet posted. This allows them to ask questions publicly and also make comments or reviews regarding the products and services. This gives the organization an opportunity to attend to common queries from the clients and advance some friendliness. Twitter can also be sued to market products and services in terms of tweets regarding a sale and a coupon code to motivate clients to make a direct purchase from the website.
In conclusion, it was noted that, people experience failure in relation to social media adaptation for their use or for business purposes because they rush into it without a strategy. It was realized that, this can happen when one sets up a twitter account or FaceBook page without understanding why, what he or she is going to do with it or even how to assess whether it is triumphant. It was found that, there are numerous social media tools that are useful to an individual or an organization in helping them realize their full potential and utilize it to their advantage. Nonetheless, it was noted that, experts and small enterprises ignore the influence of social media at the cost or failure. It has been realized that social media tools like Linkedln have translated to be essential in establishing a linkage and linking with customers, generate leads, and screen new works ate the same time. It was also noted that, Twitter is another social means tool that can be utilized to the advantage of an organization or an individual in relation to business activities.

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