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The main aspect of the module is to target the issues that prevail in a company. Every organization does possess major issues and these issues are quite devastating for the organization to run the business and affect the growth of the business. The issues and problems needs to be sorted out from time to time otherwise the business will be at stake. The most important tool to figure out is the three R’s- Researching, Recording, and Responding. Researching, recording and responding is actually the best way by which the any organization can figure out the problems that persist and then can take suitable actions.
This module prolifically throws light on one of the biggest business concerns of the world Apple Inc. and the issues that persist in the company and how the implementation of the three R’s can bring peaceful measures for the company’s growth and sustainability.

With the rapid growth of industrialization and the critical role played by the change in technology over the past few decades has brought various changes in the field of business sector. This has prolifically changed the whole scenario of approaching the business. This change in scenario with the revolution of technologies brought forward a whole new approach, system which can configure the business world. The revolution in the fields of technology over the past decades has provided a major boost to the business sector providing a lot of help to carry forward the business in a smarter way. This change has been clinically evaluated in terms of market research, production, supply etc. But looking at these changes with a different view gives us to see about the major drawbacks that can also be a critical part in terms of business. It is universally known that technologies do offer pros but along with it, cons are also a major part of technologies. All these changes can be taken into consideration in both ways. So, all in all the changes has virtually and physically both affected the business sector providing a lot of ways to seek out from the changes.
With these prolific advancements for the good with this rapid change new issues related to business has arrived. Business issues have always been a major problem in the growth of business and performing different types of business related works. With this advancement in industrialization and technology, new profound business issues have also gained quite popularity in the business and marketing world. Business issues can be very fatal in the terms of standardization and growth of business. Issues are the part of business and it should be critically evaluated and taken into consideration. Theorists, business analysts have stated that business issues can persist in business but not taking care of the issues in time can lead to major disaster in the business profile. So, it is mandatory to use three most important aspects those are researching, recording and responding to get rid of the business issue. International companies spread all over the world in the likes of Apple Inc, Starbucks, and Anglo American Plc. etc possess a wide range of business and it is quite well known that managing such a big business empire is not that easy. In all these companies’ scenario, business issues does persist but directors, supervisors, stakeholders in charge take care of this from time to time just to get rid of the issues by which the company can run smoothly (Sutherland, 2011). Researching, recording and responding are the three vital pillars that stand strong to get rid of different issues related in business. The following module will prolifically deal with a business issue of ethical concern of an international company Apple and how researching, recoding and responding can actually be the best ways to get rid of the problems that persist within the company. Researching about an issue actually leads to the main cause and the root of the problem and it helps to figure out and collect the necessary data that is needed for the evaluation of the issue. Whereas researching and recording helps to allocate basic responding ways by which the issues can be fixed by different measures ('Apple Computer Inc.', 1982). So it is critically important to look out into the issues and bring prolific measure and for this the three R’s are quite beneficial. The module critically evaluates the case of Apple and also provides a basic evaluation of the how researching, recording and responding can be clinically important in such a devastating situation.
Apple Inc.
Headquartered in Cupertino, California, of Apple Inc. has encountered numerous difficulties all through its business history. In 1997 Apple's offer cost was $3.30. In 2011 it’s impart cost had ascended to $339.87. For as long as four years, Apple has earned in front of the rest of the competition among Fortune magazine's World's Most Admired Companies. To a great many customers, the Apple brand epitomizes quality, esteem, furthermore, development. The brand is esteemed at more than $153 billion, making it the most important brand around the world.
Despite the fact that organizations have attempted to duplicate the Apple plan of action, none has possessed the capacity to find what it is that makes Apple so remarkable. Numerous accept that Apple's prosperity comes from a blend of a few elements, including the exceptional administration abilities of CEO Steve Jobs, a corporate society of energy and development, and the cutting edge items for which Apple is known. These consolidating qualities have permitted Apple to change the innovation and retail commercial enterprises.
Apple’s Ethics
Apple has attempted to guarantee that its workers and those with which they work presentation fitting lead in all circumstances. It constructs its prosperity with respect to "making imaginative, brilliant items and administrations and on exhibiting respectability in every business communication." According to Apple, four fundamental standards add to respectability: genuineness, admiration, privacy, and consistence. To additional completely detail these standards; Apple has drafted a code of business direct that applies to all its operations, including those abroad. It has likewise made accessible on its site more particular arrangements with respect to corporate administration, executive irreconcilable circumstance, and rules on reporting faulty behavior. Also, Apple gives representatives a Business Conduct Helpline that they can use to report wrongdoing to Apple's Audit and Finance Committee. A hefty portion of Apple's item segments are produced in nations with low work costs. The potential for offense is high because of contrasting work gauges. So, Apple makes every single of its supplier’s sign its "Supplier Code of Conduct" and performs processing plant reviews to guarantee consistence. Apple may decline to do extra business with suppliers who deny conforming to Apple's norms. To accentuate its dedication toward capable supplier conduct, Apple discharges a yearly Apple Supplier Responsibility Report that clarifies its supplier desires and in addition its review decisions and restorative moves the organization will make against industrial facilities where infringement have happened.
Analysis of Apple’s Business Ethical Issues
Despite the fact that Apple has reliably won in front of the pack as the World's Most Admired Company, it has encountered a few moral issues inside late years. These issues could have a significant impact on the organization's future achievement (, 2015). Apple's sterling notoriety could undoubtedly be harmed by genuine offense or an inability to address chances properly.
• Product Quality: One issue obliging predictable oversight is item quality. Apple's image pivots upon item quality, so missteps can make genuine moral situations. In the quick paced gadgets industry, where a few new items are presented consistently, missteps can get to be difficult to identify anytime recently item presentation. After Apple presented the iPhone 4, shoppers started to gripe of gathering issues. The issues were created by reception apparatus impedance that happened when clients held the telephone a certain way. Advertising specialists have condemned Apple for seeming to minimize the issue as opposed to responding rapidly to cure it (Gieselman, 1967). After Consumer Reports would not underwrite the item, Apple gave free guards and cases to a certain time of time that determined the gathering issues. This item issue did not prevent a great many customers from acquiring the iPhone 4, yet it does repeat the considerable consideration Apple must take in regards to item quality. Purchasers view item quality as indivisible from Apple. Thus, a setback around there could harm the brand's quality.
• Privacy: Security is another real sympathy toward Apple Inc. In 2011 Apple and Google revealed that certain highlights on the phones they offer gather information on the telephones' areas. Buyers and government authorities saw this as an encroachment on client security. The organizations reported that clients have the choice to impair these highlights on their telephones. This was not so much valid for Apple as some of its telephones kept on gathering area data even after clients had impaired the highlight. Apple ascribed this to a glitch that it helped with new programming. Both Google and Apple shield their information accumulation instruments, however numerous administration authorities oppose this idea. The legislature is considering passing enactment on versatile security, activities which could have significant consequences for Apple and different gadgets organizations.
• Sustainability: Apple has made moves to turn into a greener organization, for example, lessening its ecological effect at its offices. Then again, the organization concedes that the lion's share of its outflows originate from its items. In 2009 Apple expressed that its operations added to 9.6 million metric huge amounts of metric gasses being discharged. While 3 percent originated from its offices, 97 percent originated from the life cycle of its items. Since Apple's prosperity depends on always creating and dispatching new items, the natural effect of its items is a major issue (, 2015).
One practice for which a few buyers has reprimanded Apple is arranged out of date quality pushing individuals to supplant or redesign their innovation at whatever point Apple turns out with a redesigned form. Since Apple is continually discharges redesigned items, this could bring about more established innovation being hurled aside. Apple has attempted diverse ways to deal with this issue. The organization fabricates its items with materials that are suitable for reusing, it constructs its items to last, and it reuses dependably. To urge its clients to reuse, Apple has made a reusing project at its stores for old iPods, cellular telephones, and Macs. Buyers that exchange their old iPods can get a ten percent markdown on a more current rendition. Buyers reusing old Macs that still have quality can get blessing cards. Apple accomplices with provincial recyclers that agree to related laws. Notwithstanding this reusing system, numerous customers understand that hurling their old items is more advantageous, especially in the event that they have no worth. E-waste will remain a critical issue the length of purchasers keep on throwing without end their old gadgets.
Apple has likewise freely expressed its accomplishments in lessening harmful chemicals inside its items.
As indicated by Steve Jobs, Apple has killed cathode-beam tubes—which contain lead—from its items. Its iPods are developed with light-discharging diodes (LEDs) as opposed to fluorescent lights, which don't contain mercury. The organization has likewise killed the utilization of two lethal chemicals, polyvinyl chloride and brominates fire retardants, from its products.
• Intellectual Property: Protected innovation burglary is a key concern at Apple, an issue that the organization forcefully seeks after. Apple is not kidding about keeping its exclusive data a mystery to anticipate other organizations from taking its thoughts. This has prompted numerous claims in the middle of Apple and other innovation firms. In 1982 Apple recorded a claim against Franklin Computer Corporation that profoundly affected protected innovation laws. Apple affirmed that Franklin was illicitly designing duplicates of Macintosh II's working framework and ROM so that they would run on Franklin PCs. Franklin's legal advisors contended that parcels of PC projects were not subject to copyright law. At first the courts agreed with Franklin, yet the decision was later toppled. The courts inevitably decided that codes and projects are ensured under copyright law. This law has given innovation organizations with more far reaching licensed innovation securities (Dormehl, 2012).
Another eminent body of evidence was Apple's claim against Microsoft after Apple had authorized innovation to Microsoft. At the point when Microsoft discharged Windows 2.0, Apple asserted that the permitting assertion was just for Windows 1.0 and that Microsoft's Windows had the "look and feel" of Apple's Macintosh realistic interface framework (GUI). The courts decided for Microsoft, choosing that the permit did not cover the "look and feel" of Apple's Macintosh GUI. Albeit there were likenesses between the two, the courts decided that Windows did not disregard copyright law or the permitting assertion essentially by looking like Macintosh frameworks.
Two different claims included more genuine moral issues on Apple's part. One included Apple's utilization of the area name The space name had as of now been enlisted by Ben Cohen in 2000, who utilized the name to re-direct clients to different destinations, Cohen in the long run utilized the space name to divert clients to the Napster site, an immediate contender of Apple. Apple endeavored to buy the space name from Cohen, however when arrangements fizzled the organization engaged UK registry Nominet. Normally, whoever registers the area name first gets the rights to that name. Be that as it may, the middle person for the situation confirmed that Cohen mishandled his enrollment rights and took uncalled for focal point of Apple. Apple won the privilege to utilize the space name, which prompted objections that the enormous organization (Apple) was being favored to the detriment of littler organizations.
Apple confronted another trademark claim from Cisco Systems in 2007. Cisco guaranteed that Apple had encroached on its iPhone trademark. Cisco had claimed the trademark subsequent to 2000. Apple and Cisco had been in transactions to talk about whether to permit Apple to utilize the trademark. Be that as it may, Apple left the talks. As per Cisco, the organization then opened up a front association, Ocean Telecom Services, and petitioned for the trademark of iPhone in the United States. Most of the partners saw Apple's activities as a misleading approach to get around arrangement strategies ('Ethical Issues within a Business', 2014). The claim finished with both sides consenting to utilize the iPhone name. Be that as it may, Apple's activities in this circumstance stay dubious.
• Patents: With the numerous items Apple discharges every year, it bodes well for it to ensure its innovation from robbery. Apple's forcefulness with respect to patent assurance has driven it to document claims against some capable organizations. Case in point, the organization recorded a claim against Samsung, asserting that Samsung had replicated the plans of its iPhone and iPad for its own items. It likewise documented a claim against HTC Corporation, a Taiwanese cell phone maker that makes telephones for Google's Android items. Apple blames HTC for imitating a scope of cell phone highlights secured under Apple's licenses. Despite the fact that the claim is coordinated toward HTC, it likewise in a roundabout way targets Google following it is a real customer. On the off chance that HTC is discovered liable of patent infringement, and then Google's telephones could likewise be embroiled. The moral issue is whether Apple's cases are authentic. Is it seeking after organizations that it sincerely accepts encroached on its licenses, or is it just attempting to cast its rivals in an awful light so it can turn into the real player in the business sector? Apple is being excessively forceful, organizations that don't define limits and secure their property can undoubtedly have it duplicated by the opposition, who can then utilize it to pick up a focused toehold? It is dependent upon the courts to figure out if Apple's charges have any legitimacy. At last, a later claim blames Apple for patent infringement. Kodak has recorded a claim against Apple and Research in Motion, asserting that the organizations encroached on its patent on digital imaging innovation. Accordingly, Apple countersued Kodak by guaranteeing it abused Apple's licenses. Sadly for Apple, a U.S. Global Trade Commission judge controlled to support Kodak in Apple's claim. The issue still stands with respect to whether Apple encroached on Kodak's licenses. Kodak is looking for $1 billion in permitting income.
The Macintosh organization is a significant designer and maker of versatile collaboration devices, PC frameworks, and helpful computerized press gamers. Apple Inc. has created noteworthy mechanical developments that have changed the PC and telecom area quickly and this was the aftereffect of the immense interest in R&D. One such progressive innovation is Apple's Multi-Touch client interface, which permits clients to get around their iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad contraptions by hitting and utilizing their fingertips on the screen (Gieselman, 1967). A report distributed by United States District Court Northern District of California asserted that Apple has changed the telecom and shopper hardware industry in 2007, when it brought the most prominent iPhone in the business sector. iPhone was another sort of cellular telephones. They were touch screened, light weight and hand held gadgets with unmistakable look and they were attractive as well. IPod touch was likewise another item that was offered by Apple in 2007. These items were exceptionally alluring to customers that they began purchasing these. Additionally in 2010, Apple dispatched iPad, another progressive item, a PC tablet with hued touch screen; it has the usefulness of media stockpiling playback and versatile figuring. The period of Apple's inventive items were getting their direction while the vast majority of the contenders of Apple were attempting to mimic Apple and the real one was Samsung, which dispatched its Galaxy line of cellular telephones and Galaxy Tablets, they have Google Android Operating System to battle with iPhone and iPad. Samsung, in spite of picking a fitting way, it replicated the Apple's inventive innovation, item outline and bundling. Apple has patent privileges of their items and by this activity; Apple requested the legitimate remuneration for this unlawful demonstration by Samsung.
Apple/Samsung case raised on April 15, 2011, when Apple recorded suit on Samsung for replicating its innovation and plans, encroachment cases are customary in this industry however Apple's protest was successful because they said that Samsung replicated their innovation with their exchange dress (means aggregate configuration). Then again Samsung likewise sued on Apple for damaging their remote licenses. The Court Jury discovered Samsung liable as on abusing four Apple's utility licenses, four outline licenses and exchange dress. (IIPTA)
Responding to the Issues
Apple is one of the most biggest and phenomenal company that exist in this world and doing business over decades. The way Apple approaches towards its business ethics is quite different from the rest which actually forces the other organizations to follow. But, it has been prolifically viewed that Apple does persist major issues related to its privacy, patents, products which actually on regular intervals affect the course of their smooth business. As above discussed about the research and collection of major data related to the problems persisting within the company Apple Inc. must force to have some mandatory changes implemented by which the issues can somewhat be dissolved by which the company can smoothly run in its track of performing quality business. As seen the issues over patents with Samsung had created a major conflict between the two fierce rivals which affected the company’s ethics at stake. Major affect was on the customer turnover, sales etc. So these issues must be prolifically dealt with assurance by which the company can result in finding major satisfaction. So responding to the issues persisting within the company, Apple Inc. must take a proper decision in dealing up with major issues that is actually creating a void between the business ethics of the company. The company authorities must be very careful about the steps that must be implemented to sort out the issues persisting. The first and the foremost affect that needs to be implemented is the change is business model. It is universally applicable that in this modern world every organization prolifically follows a business model by which the company stabilizes and conducts their business (Gould, 1997). The same is applicable to Apple Inc. Apple must change its business model and accept a new one by which the approach towards business will change for the good. The change in business model will prolifically help to secure the issues and by which the old issues will be dealt with. The implementation of the new model can actually sort out major problems and issues persisting in the company. Secondly new performance measures must be implemented which will actually help in the quality ethics measurement. This will help the company get secured about the quality of service or product the company is selling. Apple being a big company does possess lots of products with different innovative self- produced techniques, the implementation of the new performance measures will help to diagnose the issues and that will actually help to take proper steps to sort out the issues. This performance measures steps will actually implement the ways to approach the quality performance. The recommended execution measures for morals are questionable, maybe much more so than for other execution measures. A few associations may choose to disregard execution measures for moral guidelines with which they don't concur. Others, nonetheless, will change self-desires in the wake of discovering that a moral standard is more broadly acknowledged than was already accepted. In this way, as with other quality measures, the advancement and execution procedure can incite both resistance and helpful change. Useful changes are more prone to happen when measures are produced in an honest to goodness transform and are deliberately approved before being utilized for open reporting. Watchful improvement and approval of morals execution measures is the motivation behind the E-Force Program, which utilizes an institutionalized methodology to create and test new morals quality execution measures. The E-Force Oversight Body chooses spaces of morals for measure advancement and screens the work of master admonitory boards, which are accused of creating and testing measures in one space. The accompanying organized procedure is being utilized by E-Force to create and accept new morals quality execution measures (Klein, 2012).
To begin with, a multidisciplinary gathering board of specialists evaluates the new measures proposed by every master warning board for their sensibility (face legitimacy) and guarantees that the measures address the pertinent substance of the moral area being referred to (substance legitimacy). Case in point, master commentators are currently evaluating measures in the space of protection and secrecy. They are asked whether proposed measures are identified with the moral issue within reach and whether every measure addresses a remarkable piece of the issue for applicable gatherings, for example, experts, arrangements, or managers. The specialists additionally consider proposed measures to evaluate whether the gauges can practically be attained to. Measures surviving these difficulties are thusly tried in a determination of medicinal services associations (Latif, Jaskani, Ilyas, Babar & Gulzar, 2014). A few analysts will be included in these trials to test for dependability, and an association's execution on the new measures will be contrasted and its execution on some current and related quality measures to survey the measures' united legitimacy.
Apple seems idealistic about its future. The organization has made a faction taking after of purchasers who are seriously faithful to Apple items. Apple's items or administrations are intended to offer prevalent answers for those of contenders. In one of Apple's freshest offerings, Apple is taking its invasions in the music industry further. The organization has come to concurrences with record names to dispatch iCloud, an administration that empowers customers to make and listen to their music accumulations without needing to transfer singular melodies. While Google and Amazon offer comparative music stockpiling administrations, Apple has more tunes available to it with iTunes and its record name assertions. Seizing upon these opportunities can build Apple's offer of the music and purchaser hardware markets.
Apple additionally faces it’s impart of dangers. It confronts claims from different contenders asserting the organization stole licensed innovation. Moreover, in spite of the fact that Apple's forceful position has helped it to secure its protected innovation, its tight hold over its items and insider facts could be disadvantageous also (Lehman & Haslam, 2013). Google, for example, has a more open-source approach. It has indicated awesome support for the open-source development, which supporters opening programming and programming codes in request to secure more information from outside sources. Despite the fact that this openness builds the dangers of protected innovation robbery, it likewise takes into account advancement to happen all the more quickly because of extra joint effort. Google's Android telephones are starting to pick up piece of the pie as an impressive contender to Apple's iPhones. Apple might in the end need to reconsider whether its shut framework is the most ideal approach to contend.
In the most recent decade, Apple has exceeded expectations at keeping pace with the rapidly developing industry of PCs and buyer gadgets. Its broadening, synergistic corporate society, and item evangelism pushed it to statures that couldn't have been imagined when Jobs and Wozniak sold their first PC unit in 1976. The organization hints at no ceasing its force, while buyers have hinted at no decreasing their profound respect for Apple.
The three R’s are the most reliable and the most implemented aspect in every organization. Apple being one of the most prolific and well established business in the world does face major problems and issues and researching the issues and collecting major relevant sources and responding by taking major steps are the most important aspect by which they sort out major issues. It has been seen in the long run the researching, recording and responding have been prolifically a better trusted tool by which major issues has been sorted out (O'Grady, 2009). From here it can be easily concluded that researching the issues and properly managing the recorded aspect and then applying new measures for the issues can easily bring out the proper solution which enables a company or organization like Apple Inc. to work significantly and smoothly.
In a word Apple Company is extremely imaginative and early connectors and it is commonly the preeminent organization who takes new inventive items when contrasted with different organizations. These sorts of things normally considered as more hazardous however it seems, by all accounts, to be working as Apple's playing point.
Solid business position and shopper dependability which increments because of shut environment and easy to understand items makes distinctive to Apple Company from its rivals. Another most imperative component is that the Apple Company is the "First most appreciated organization" on the planet (Sutherland, 2011). While, it is likewise credited to first feasible music downloading plan of action in history by its ipod and iTunes online media store. Apple is a gainful organization and its future is brilliant. Be that as it may, Apple ought to be watchful in legitimate and political territories in light of the fact that as to diminish working expense it has outsourced in distinctive nations and it needs to discover diverse substitute to decrease the danger as Apple purchases application processor from Samsung which can make an issue for it.


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