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According to Microsoft, SharePoint refers to a platform that allows groups to develop password protected and centralized space for sharing documents. It allows storage, downloading and editing of the said documents, which can later be uploaded for continued sharing ("AIIM - What is SharePoint?” 2016). SharePoint comes in different versions, which include the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Windows SharePoint Services, and Microsoft search server ("AIIM - What is SharePoint?", 2016). The three have different functionality but are built upon each other. Installing this product requires multiple virtual machines with at least two servers. It is based on n-tier service oriented architecture.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server sits on the Windows SharePoint Server adding features to it and provides additional means that facilitate the interaction of the end users with the repository. The repository is in the form of SQL database. Using Webparts, MOSS can present information to the end-user using various modules depending on the business settings ("Changes to the user interface", 2016). This gives it diverse applications such as record management, collaboration, personalization, workflow and other complex metadata models. The Microsoft Search Server, on the other hand, is an Enterprise Search Engine capable of searching and advanced indexing that can be used together with(Integrated) with the MOSS ("AIIM - What is SharePoint?", 2016). Due to its abilities, Microsoft describes SharePoint as a portal or collaboration that facilitates business process management, enterprise continent management, and business intelligence management ("Changes to the user interface", 2016). Current research indicates that the modern day business organizations engage in massive information management projects without a comprehensive plan and at times without plan at all. In other occasions, they chose not to follow their plans. For a product with many facets like the SharePoint, installation can be very beneficial to any organization that ventures into information management projects.
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