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Customary gestures such as coming home and switching on the light bulb and immediately lighting up the room may not have been possible were it not inventors such as Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor who made a great contribution in the field of energy and most notably the design of the modern alternating current (AC).He developed the AC generation and the transmission technology in the 19thcentury. He had worked for the French branch of Edison electric company for about a year before immigrating to the US. The French department of Edison Electric dealt with DC current only and did not want anything to do with Tesla’s inventions or ideas. However, Tesla had a vision of a functioning electric induction motor running with an alternating current (AC).

Tesla’s vision and desire to use his inventions to make electricity work for mankind and overcome the numerous limitations associated with direct current particularly in the transmission of electric power over an extended distance saw him partner with financials to realize this dream. In the year 1886 after leaving Edison, Tesla met Charles F. Peck and Alfred S. Brown, who agreed to finance in setting up the Tesla electric company that developed generators, electric motors and other devices. It is at this company in 1887 that Tesla developed the electric induction motor running on alternating current. The design of the motor was cost effective since there was a need for always servicing the mechanical brushes. The AC power system was gaining popularity because it had an advantage in transmission of power over a long distance.

In the year 1890, he invented the high voltage transformers that changed how electricity was being transmitted and distributed. He also developed the electric oscillators, improved light and meters. In the 18th century, the cases safety in the transfer of electricity has become a major concern as wires and cables hang loose on the streets and estates.Tesla comes up with the idea of using the high voltage wires to transport electric power over long distances safely. The high voltage transformers also ensured that electricity was to the people in a safer manner.

`Tesla invented how light can be distributed and harnessed, and he developed the fluorescent bulb in this laboratory. He played an important role in the invention of X-rays due to his belief that everything we need to understand is virtually around us. In the advancement of the new approach to surgery, and the digital media, he contributed significantly due to the invention of the laser.

Nikola Tesla has not received the recognition that he deserves. Most of the recognition has been credited to Thomas Edison, who was a bitter rival of Tesla in the famous war of the currents. Alternating current has a lot of advantages in the distribution of electricity over direct current. Alternating current makes it possible for power to be distributed over miles away.Tesla’s invention makes it possible for power generated at one location to be transmitted over miles and miles away.

A man who made such crucial inventions that have changed our lives to the better deserves a better recognition that what he currently receives.Tesla’s inventions and bravery inspire all of us to focus on our dreams and ideas that we believe will change the world to be a better place.

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