Laser Irradiation Reverse Atom Explained Substance and Antimatter Composition? 

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According to media reports, scientists at the European Nuclear Center have found a way to unravel the mystery of antimatter. The physicist asked a burning laser pointer to illuminate the counter-atom to see if their reactions differed from the atoms. This research has brought a glimmer of hope to solve the antimatter mystery. Although the amount of matter and antimatter produced in the Big Bang is the same, today's universe is made up mostly of matter. There is no theory to explain why such a phenomenon occurs.
The preparation and capture of antimatter is extremely difficult because they are instantly annihilated when exposed to common substances. But with the special magnetic traps, scientists at the European Nuclear Center Anti-Hydrogen Laser Physics Unit (ALPHA) have succeeded in studying the properties of anti-hydrogen atoms, the antimatter forms of hydrogen atoms. Scientists have succeeded in capturing anti-hydrogen atoms and have kept them under control for long enough to study their properties. This is a major scientific breakthrough.
"What we want to make clear is whether matter and antimatter follow the same physical laws dictated by the standard model," says Prof Jeffrey Hangst, a spokesman for the ALPHA program. Standard model theory describes the basic composition of the universe and the basic forces between them. "Anti-matter disappeared after the birth of the universe, which has always been an unsolved mystery, so we always attach particular importance to anti-matter," Professor Hanster added. The ALPHA team reported in their labs that their measured anti-hydrogen atoms reacted at precisely the frequency of the high power laser pointer.

"We used the same 'color' of light to irradiate anti-hydrogen atoms and hydrogen atoms to see if their reactions were the same, and so far the answer is yes," Professor Hanster said. The team found that the performance of anti-hydrogen atoms and ordinary hydrogen atoms without any distinction, in full compliance with the standard model theory. "We would like to examine carefully the antimatter systems of the same size as the well-known material systems, where hydrogen is one of the most basic atoms, and has a history of about 200 years, and we know it well, It's really interesting to compare with hydrogen, which is the goal of our project. "The team hopes to improve measurement accuracy in the future. "The accuracy of our measurements is critical both now and in the future, and we are now able to achieve a tenth-order power of 10, and we hope to reach a negative 15th power of 10 in the future," the ALPHA project spokesperson said.
The slightest difference between the hydrogen atom and the anti-hydrogen atom breaks the basic laws of physics and may help us to understand the unbalanced state of matter and antimatter in the universe. The team also wanted to study anti-matter through other methods. "We are building a new machine that will use it to study gravity and see what happens if you let some 5mw laser pointer antimatter fall off, and we need to do that." The machine, called ALPHA-g, Completed by the end of 2017, and put into use in 2018.

The ALPHA team has been working for years to develop technologies for manipulating ultra-low-temperature antiprotonics and positrons (the antimatter form of electrons), capturing anti-hydrogen atoms, and detecting the potential for experimental , A very small number of anti-atoms and so on.

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