Developing a Marketing Strategy to create a competitive advantage and maintain market share and sustainability 

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Managing a printing company for magazines is a fulfilling experience. This is due to the widespread use of print media to relay information in the modern society. Developing a new business strategy is important in ensuring that the business publishing company for magazines will arrest the market in a new way this year and ensure competitiveness. Enhancing development of the company goals is based on the fact that the company is determined to reach all the readers in a unique way and attract more magazines to work with us. The Print media is an important part of life today, and this industry calls for magazines to keep their audience on toes with nourishing and informative information. This information has to be passed through the right channels to ensure acceptability (Porter, 1995). Devising the best strategy will ensure that the company remains in the race against its competitors through innovation and liveliness.

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Tags: Developing a Marketing Strategy to create a competitive advantage and maintain market share and sustainability 

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