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The internal analysis of the organization looks at the strengths that Hearst possesses that will enable it to outdo this competition. The strategy of differentiation has been seen in the company through its product range and its uniqueness in advertising. The company has been able to remain in the market for many years and its acquisitions indicate that it has the potential to remain innovative and satisfy its markets (Aaker, 1992). The company has local and international markets that it seeks to retain and this is only achievable through innovation and ideal management. Embracing the element of globalization has helped Hearst to develop value for its customers and to regard them with esteem. This means embracing their views and accommodating them to improve their products. This aspect has improved the market dominance and has similarly increased the market reception in all its destinations. According to research on customer perception, studies reveal that Hearst’s customers have aired their ideas on value through apps and editorial content as the ability of a company to listen to its consumers and respond efficiently and speedily (Porter, 1985). The ratings by customers on different platforms reveal that the customer service and product performance are generally satisfactory and up to standard.
Core Competencies
The company has core competencies that enable it to shine above the rest and also equip it with the confidence to run operations smoothly. The initial competence that Hearst upholds is its duration in the market and its recognition fro quality productions. The products have outdone the test of time and they have improved in quality and effectiveness. Hearst was the initial publishing company to make production with the digital methods. This gave the company a first market advantage over all its followers. Being the first mover was a guarantee fro a wide market share and profitability with the following productions consisting of quality and content material. This competence has given the company an upper hand among its competitors and the company has maintained the lead in publishing.
UK as a nation has a lot of potential that can be exhausted through modern technology and innovation. This is backed by the achievements made by Hearst publishers and the potential to break more ground in the business arena. The call for change in the ways of conducting various economic activities is timely and the publishing company is on track as far as technology is concerned. Conducting business in a free and liberal nation hammers the fact that different actions only prompt different results and these results can be the long awaited freedom from inflation, low PPP and other shortcomings in organizations. The company may consider forming partnerships with different companies from other nations to counter-act the resources and end up with ideal productivity and growth of their economies altogether. This move can enhance better relationships amongst the companies and the customers and ensure economic development of the same.

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