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The political temperatures that have assisted the company to thrive in the media is especially located in its potential to increase the progress of the company. The government has reduced the corporate tax by over 21% by 2014.This move was beneficial in increasing the company’s revenue and expansion of its boundaries. Scotland's vote of independence or popularly known as the Scottish referendum impacted Hearst positively whereby the company was able to publish independently without relying on other companies for the rights. The UK government has received the print and mass media warmly and it has been supporting all promotional measures of the same (Porter, 1985). The political environment of the UK has for long upheld the measures to improve the messages borne on various types of media. This support has paved way for Hearst to conduct its activities while attaining growth and profitability.
The introduction and spread of computer technology have introduced new the modern means of communication. These channels call for increased diversity and focus on the best method to entertain the public. The political set up of any business environment must be conducive in order for the business to bear fruit and thrive in the market. Securing a market share and getting familiar with the national laws and regulations enables a company to avoid legal frictions and the effects of the same. The UK government has effectively embraced the role of communication and it has supported the entities that have sought to rise in the field. Communication through print and mass media is important in creating awareness and promoting fashion trends. This reverts to economic growth with people being more informed and therefore making more informed choices. Hearst has therefore been viewed by the political forces as a mode of economic benefit both to the company, its dependants and the nation at large.
The nation’s GDP had grown higher, and this has increased the potential for more industrial products more with the ready consumers. GDP per capita of the UK has pointed out the living standards of people and business entities alike. GDP is directly related to GDP per capita and its influences the latter in a major way. GDP in the real sense is a vessel that measures the economy of any given country through its productivity and value of its products. GDP of the UK has been seen as an indicator of Hearst’s growth and the nation is the single unit used to measure GDP. The GDP of the UK has related closely to national accounts are components of macroeconomics (Porter, 1985).
Gross national product of the UK has been a contribution to the economy of Hearst publishers. Though it addresses the production of an individual concerning ownership of property and productivity. Several factors influence the rise or fall in the GDP of any country. Being that GDP is a variable state; UK has had the chance to change its production systems. The shift in types of mediums for passing on of information and marketing strategies ensure that a country’s GDP and the business environments rise above the ordinary levels
The social implications that have been seen over the last two decades have symbolized change in the social set ups of UK and its industrial sector. There has been a high rate of immigration in the country as many people are seeking better business and employment opportunities. The high rate of immigration has impacted Hearst positively as it has provided more reception for the published material. The best mechanisms to accommodate this growing population have been devised though accepting the social trends and designing products that suit the consumer needs.
The collapse of NHS has affected the health of the UK citrines and they have developed a certain degree of resistance to drugs. Statistics show that rectifying NHS is an expensive procedure that would cost a lot of government resources. The number of people suffering from this change has affected the reception of Hearst as compared to the earlier times. The housing needs have grown with the rapid growth in the population. This means that the company should always look into the economic pressures facing the target market and design products that suit the economic preferences. This has added pressure in Hearst’s pricing strategy that has to look into the needs of the consumer. Pricing fairly has enabled the company to generate more sales and earn the loyalty of its consumers.
The technological changes that have taken place in the world have impacted UK and all business entities contained within. Adopting the technological wave has ensured that the company remains valid and relevant to the market. Getting and maintaining a wide market reception calls for creativity and timeliness. The initiatives by Hearst to ensure that its activities and products are relevant to the technology are seen through the subscription to online and smart phone services that provide details on their products and tier business interest.
E-commerce has become on the pillars of conducting business and Hearst has incorporated the use videos, tablets and mobile phones to communicate with its audience effectively. This shift has been prompted by the rise in the use of electronic media in work places, school settings and homes. Mobile phones are more accessible for consumers since they are portable and affordable. The manufacture of internet enabled-mobile phones have enabled the company to spread its wings wider and reach more people within its target audience. The strategy used to concentrate on developing apps and online programs for phones is receiving an enormous reception as the company has been advertising its products in other forms of mass media (Porter, 1985). There has been changes in the within the publishing industry and the company has been embracing the changes through the machinery for percussion. The means of advertisement, appeal and the overall presentation of the products have changed to remain in the competition and to avoid staleness. The impacts of globalization on the company have been an opportunity to reach a wider market and secure brand loyalty among the local and international market. Using e-commerce has been very helpful in various business ventures since the electronic media has been our number one channel of enlightening the market with the latest products. Selling via the e-media have also contributed greatly to the company’s success through meeting potential dealers who are interested in handling the products fro merchandise thus increasing the client base. It would be true to confess that the media have been very useful in e-business as popularly known is the mode of conducting a business while applying communication technologies (ICT), to help in all business operations. The business world today has taken a major drift from an analogue style in a digital and technological way of operating the business (Aaker, 1992). This switch to e-commerce has helped in improving relations between the company and its consumers.

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