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Strategic investment is a key requirement that any business entity has to include in its activities. This helps in securing a place in the market and increasing acceptability. They have been external and internal factors that have enabled the company to hive amongst a competitive and fast-growing industry. The Hearst magazine decided to shift focus to the celebrity news with the widespread use of social media (Consterdine, 2007). The young and elderly consumers are familiar with their celebrities and Hearst publishers recognized their desire to get more information on their idols. Idolization is a common trend, especially among younger readers and Hearst has identified the need to keep the audience glued to the magazine with the best updates on the celebrity feed (Grant, 2005). The strategy to get more readers with the type of content mentioned above has been met with competition from social media other channels of information. The company has, however elevated the product and ensured that the readers get nothing but the best in celebrity feed and their updates. The details on the idols have been accompanied by graphic images that have clarity and details. Photography and best editing personnel have enabled he magazine to realize its potential in satisfying the UK market and abroad. The revenues have since 2010 risen to over 60% and the company owes this to ideal marketing strategies and promotional measures. The UK market has grown widely to accommodate the strategic measures and the company believes that 2015 will mark new and improved sales and achievements. Hearst publisher’s focus on smart phones and different websites is an initiative to keep in tough with all is consumers on electronic media to ensure that information in the element of Hearst publishers reaches the intended audience easily and effectively. 

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