Long Serving Lifetime 50mW-100mW Blue Line Laser Module 

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On condition that users are in serious need of 24 hours continuous line aligning work, it is extremely important for users to get high quality blue line laser module. Comparing with other visible lasers, 445nm blue line laser module gets high power range from 50mW to 100mW, thus it always adopts qualified 445nm blue laser diode and glass cylindrical lens. For the most important of all, in order to make line projection more stable, for the most important of all, according to high configuration of metal heat sink and constant current electric driving circuit board, blue laser line keeps high level of accuracy line positioning on all working surfaces efficiently.
This high brightness 445nm blue line laser module adopts external DC input power supply. Available with operating voltage of 4.2V, after very easy connection with electric power source, it begins to work easily. Owing to its very compact 26mm diameter laser tube design, users can make very easy installation of this laser line generator. Whatever kind of vertical or horizontal working surfaces, noncontact blue reference line can easily reach desired working surfaces, thus making the most precise line instruction efficiently.
Technical data:
Item: Berlinlasers Blue Line Laser Module
Wavelength: 445nm
Output power: 50mW-100mW
Laser Class: IIIB
Applications: laser cutting, precise device manufacturing, textile garment processing, laser medical treatment devices

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