China National Laser Experimental Platform Located in Wuhan Optical Valley 

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September 11, Wuhan Optical Valley Laser Technology Park officially started, National Science and Technology Park will be built Red Laser Pointer science experiment platform, the future will be able to meet the world's top laser technology R & D needs.
September 2014, Wuhan Optical Valley Laser Technology Research Institute Sanjiang Space Industry Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Laser Research Institute") was established. Hubei Province as the only industrial research institutes, business-led, at present the hospital has acquired fiber laser, optical fiber and other specialty in the upper reaches of the core technology, and to "a hospital N Division" as the mode of operation, the laser industry across the whole field.
In order to further consolidate the leading position in China Optical Valley laser 5000mw industry in the field of laser Institute spent $ 130 million bid Donghu New Technology Development Zone, 416 acres of land for construction, construction development, production, marketing in one of the laser technology, the whole industry chain enterprises cluster - Wuhan Optical Valley laser Technology Park.
According to reports, Laser Technology Park plans a total investment of 2.4 billion, five-year construction period, with a total construction area of nearly 340,000 square meters, a total of three phases. A building, including research and development center, chip plants, fiber plants, power centers, to undertake the development, production and industrialization of high-power laser industry chain upstream and quantum dot semiconductor laser chip chips, specialty optical fiber and fiber grating core products; the construction of two laser systems integration R & D building, laser technology verification research and development buildings, large floor test engineering optics, laser equipment to undertake the overall design, the key subsystem technology research and development system integration testing and alignment, laser equipment R & D buildings bear midstream process development and applied research work in the field of various types of laser 200mw equipment; three proposed construction business building, security centers and incubation centers, and laser industry development direction and momentum, accelerate industrial company incubation, growth of the laser industry chain.
Chairman of the China Sanjiang Space Group Vice President and Laser Institute Wu Xiaofeng introduction, Optics Valley laser industry has a profound accumulation of talent and improve the industrial chain, but still lack a national experimental platform for laser science, Laser Technology Park will fill this gap. Wu Xiaofeng said the technology park construction will be among the highest standards of clean, well-equipped scientific equipment, then, the experimental platform will be developed to meet the world's top laser technology and related devices.

In addition, laser 2000mw technology park also plans to rely on scientific research and experimental platform, construction of national incubators, development, production, marketing into one, will attract more high-end talent to Wuhan laser research and industrial incubator.

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