Martin Lockheed has made a plan of "ATHENA" laser weapon system. 

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As one of the world's leading military enterprises, the United States Lockhead Martin (Martin Lockheed) has

announced this week in the Bothell open production "ATHENA" laser weapon system. ATHENA is the Test High Energy

Asset Advanced, referred to as the high energy laser weapon module will become the U.S. military 60 kilowatts in the

core of the laser weapon system which is 12 times more powerful than the green 5000mw Laser Pointer . ATHENA can be

single operator, which is composed of a number of fiber laser modules. It not only has high flexibility, can be

avoided because of some small fault and cause the entire system to get stuck.


In March of this year, the ATHENA laser weapon system had been carried out on the shelling of the pickup truck test.

Although only to the power of 30kW, this system is easily kill a truck.

Loma, combined with different frequency spectrum beam combining burning laser , other by fiber laser module

encountered limitations can be overcome. Because of the active gain medium mainly by some doped with rare earth

elements of materials made, such as ytterbium and erbium (erbium) which gets) and Nd (neodymium). Lockheed Martin

said modular design means that the laser energy can be freely according to specific tasks demand choice (full power

up to 120kw), while the adoption of commercial off the shelf fiber laser components, and can further reduce the

cost. Thanks to the flexibility of the fiber burning laser , Athena can through the deployment of hundreds of

thousands of meters of fiber to obtain greater gain, and occupation of space is very small, because it can be coiled

like a rope.
Fiber lasers are very durable, and can be used to achieve 50% of the 200mw Laser Pointer , equivalent to the effect

of high energy beam of solid laser projection. In addition, the larger the surface to volume ratio, it also means

that the system is more easy to cool. The United States Naval Research Department in the near future to carry out a

new type of high energy laser weapon system ship test, the output power of up to 150 kilowatts, is the previous ship

test of the laser weapon system 5 times.
At present, the Navy's 30 kilowatt laser weapon system prototype is being installed in the "Pang" on the forefront

of floating base in the Gulf region to carry out actual combat test, to provide the force commander with low cost

precision strike capability. U. S. Army, air force, Navy, Marine Corps are in the development of tactical 300mw

Laser Pointer weapon system, "a lot of countries in the world are in the development and deployment of these

technologies, not only us, if we can't go to the commanding heights of the ability, our future will be very

difficult." US Navy admiral. "The navy is thinking about the future of the fleet, and laser weapons must become a

part of the concentration. If we continue to rely on shells or have the power of the projectile, we will soon do not

have the ability to self defense, the development of directed energy weapons is very important."

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